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No pay for my husband with cancer

I was working for what I call a mom and pop business. (12 yrs). We found out on June 26 that my husband had throat cancer. We were sent to Omaha on July 2 where we found the cancer formation was 3 times larger that earlier detected. In late November I had to have a […]

Grateful for Paid Leave

When I got pregnant with my first child, I was a new employee at Nebraska Children’s Home Society.  I didn’t have time to accumulate much paid or sick time to use for maternity leave.  Fortunately, NCHS offers employees 6 weeks paid leave for the birth or adoption of a new child.  Because of paid leave, […]

Sheena’s Story

My pregnancy was healthy and manageable until about two weeks before my due date. I started having trouble chewing, swallowing, and closing my mouth and one eye. I found out I had muscle paralysis on one side of my face. This lead to me delivering earlier than planned and going through quite a painful and […]

Why not our state?

In 2015 I gave birth to my son at 32 weeks. Aside from the fear and stress of having a premie I had to decide when to start my maternity leave. The family medical leave act is the only reason I would have any time off and companies in my field rarely pay you during […]

Paid Leave – A Mom and A Boss’s Story

When our family welcomed our first child I was a Nebraska State Senator and had the flexibility to stay engaged in my public service duties from home through electronic means the first few months as I was recovering from child birth, establishing breastfeeding, and learning all about the many wonders of having  a newborn. Thanks […]