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Nebraska Values Project – Installment I

The Nebraska Values Project is a public opinion research initiative of the Holland Children’s Institute. In partnership with Myers Research & Strategic Services, a live telephone survey was conducted in early November 2017 to measure public opinion among Nebraska voters on public policy issues and demographic research affecting children and working families across Nebraska.

“The first public results of our Nebraska Values Project indicate that Nebraskans across the ideological spectrum support greater investments in education and healthcare,” said Andy Holland, President of the Holland Children’s Institute. “Notably, Nebraskans associate building a stronger middle class with specific ideas and proposals like paid family leave and affordable childcare.”

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Expanding Pre-K

In the 2014-15 school year, 84% of Nebraska school districts offered a state early childhood education program, but only 28% of all school district preschool programs were operating as full-day programs. The lack of access to full-day high-quality prekindergarten in Nebraska leaves too many young children missing out on educational benefits that can close in on the academic achievement gap. Our issue brief explores the expansion of voluntary full-day pre-K programs for 3 and 4-year-olds with new funding supporting programs that meet the quality standards of the Nebraska Department of Education Rule 11.

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Teen Pregnancy

The Holland Children’s Institute released Future Unknown: The Outlook of Teen Pregnancy in Nebraska.  This report was commissioned from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health to investigate and evaluate the social and economic costs and consequences of teen pregnancy in Nebraska. The findings and recommendations provided in this report are intended to inform efforts to reduce the number of Nebraskans who experience inter-generational poverty.

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Future Unknown: The Outlook of Teen Pregnancy in Nebraska

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